CLORA LIGHTING specializes in the design, sale and installation of professional LED lighting solutions.

Energy consumption savings, product’s shelf-life and lighting quality are the three objectives that we work on daily with our knowledge about LED lighting technology. The partnerships that bind us to the leading manufacturers in the LED field allow us to provide a wide range of customers with the best products as well as tailored solutions.

Cutting-edge expertise

LED technology is attractive and presents many advantages. However, not all the solutions available in the market meet the needs of companies and private institutions, in terms of quality.

CLORA LIGHTING will assist you throughout the whole process.

  • Time

    A maximum life cycle

  • Quality

    Quality lighting

  • Price

    A reasonable investment cost

Tailored solutions

Through our engineering expertise, we can design and manufacture tailor-made LED products that meet 100% of your needs. This flexibility allows us to act not only on the infrastructure but also on the power and type of light desired.

These solutions are tested by our engineers and are subject to a 2 to 5 years warranty. Major recognized brands have used these solutions (Apple, Mc Donald’s, etc.).

A complete audit of your lighting system


  • Diagnosis of your current installation
  • Analysis of your needs and the most suitable LED solution
  • Energy and Financial comparison of systems
  • A commercial offering with or without financing

Quality installation and after-sales support

Our technical partners provide installation and after-sales support under our management. CLORA LIGHTING is your single point of contact.

Some of our clients willing to perform part of the installation themselves through their integrated teams also receive support from CLORA LIGHTING.


  • All CLORA LIGNTING products are compliant with CE, ROHS standards.
  • For the Swiss market, the T8 Clora Light lamps are approved by ETSI.

We support:

  • TAG Aviation

  • CFF

  • Nespresso

  • Mc Donald’s

  • Hôtel La Réserve

  • Novartis

  • Swatch Group

  • Bisa S.A.

  • Vhernier

  • Aéroport de Genève

  • Centre Commercial La Praille

  • Commune de